Jul 15 2015

Homemade Guinea Pig Toys

Do you have a Guinea pig? If so, you have a very cute pet! Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are not only adorable, they’re also very active and intelligent. To keep the little one from getting bored, you’ll want to provide plenty of entertainment options. You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your cavy amused, however: there are many cute toys you can make yourself. In this article, a Parker, CO, vet offers some homemade Guinea pig toy choices.

Mazes and Tunnels

Like most pocket pets, cavies love mazes and tunnels. Use cardboard boxes, PVC pipe, paper grocery bags, or even newspaper to create little labyrinths for your tiny furball.


Guinea pigs love to snuggle up in little cavy ‘sleeping bags’, also known as cozies. You can make your pet a comfy little nest of his own out of soft, safe material, such as fleece. There are many simple, easy patterns available for free online!

Chew Toys

There are many cute options for DIY chew toys for cavies. Take the cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll, and cut it into rings. Then, assemble the rings into a little ball, and pop a treat inside it. You can also simply stuff one of these tubes with fresh hay or herbs. Another cute idea is to punch holes in the cardboard, and then insert wooden chew sticks into the holes.


Bend and fold plain copy paper into little shapes, like chain rings or tiny boxes. You can also crumple up a piece up around a yummy snack. Have you ever considered trying origami? Why not start with little paper trees?


One great thing about having a small pet is that you can easily make your little one a really cute home of his own. If you get beer or soda in 12-packs, upcycle the cardboard box into a cavy mansion. You can also use shoeboxes, tissue boxes, or wicker baskets.

Always put your pet’s safety first when making toys. Avoid small or sharp objects which could hurt or cut your cavy. Also, choose only pet-safe woods, such as apple, that have been cleaned and disinfected. Stay away from items that have been dyed or stained with toxic chemicals.

Do you have questions about Guinea pig care? Contact us now! As your Parker, CO, vet clinic, we are happy to help!

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