Aug 01 2015

How to Spoil Your Cat on a Budget

Do you have a furry little diva on your hands? Are you trying to cut corners these days? Many people are trying to cut back on expenses without compromising on the health or care of their beloved pets. Kitties may have a way of convincing us to completely spoil them, but there’s no need for you to break the bank keeping Fluffy happy. In this article from a local Centennial, CO, veterinarian, you’ll read some ways to pamper your feline buddy on a budget.


No one is entirely sure why, but for some reason simple cardboard boxes rank pretty high on the list of Fluffy’s favorite things. Ask for copy paper boxes from work, or spend a few bucks on a sturdy moving box.

Paper Grocery Bags

Kitties may be big on personality, but our feline friends are quite small and vulnerable. Therefore, small, enclosed spaces make furballs feel safe and secure. This may be why so many kitties find paper bags appealing. Of course, a paper bag also offers a perfect hiding place from which to pounce on an unsuspecting passerby, but that’s just a bonus.

Cozy Beds

You can make your furball a comfy bed for just a few dollars. Get a shallow box or tote, or a wicker basket, and put a few pillows in there, along with a soft blanket. Voila!


You can make all sorts of cute cat toys out of things you probably already have around the house. Cut an old tee shirt into strips, and braid them together into thin strips, then tie the strands onto a plastic rod. Or, take some of your homegrown catnip, stuff it into a baby sock, and sew it shut.

Cat Towers

Cat towers may be pricey, but are very beneficial to kitties, both physically and mentally. Make your own out of an old stepladder, wooden boards, or a sturdy bookcase. Cover it in sisal rope or cardboard, and add a few planks to support comfy beds.

Laser Pointers

You can find cheap laser pointers at many discount stores. The exercise and mental stimulation of chasing that elusive red dot are both great for Fluffy. Take a few minutes a day to indulge your furball’s inner hunter.

Do you have questions about caring for your kitty? Please contact us, your local Centennial, CO, vet clinic any time!

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